SoftWashing vs. Pressure Washing or Power Washing

Your property isn’t just dirty. You typically see the black streaks on your roof or stucco. The green molds on siding and composite decks. This is actually an infestation of living organisms that is not just on the surface but is just below the roof granules, below the stucco and concrete surface and in the siding nooks and crannies. If these surfaces are not cleaned they may need a more expensive method of restoration instead of cleaning.

Traditional pressure washing, or what they have rebranded as power washing, just blasts away the top layer of this infestation never really solving the issue of infection and never really offering a long lasting option or solution.

Pressure washers have their place in the field of restoration, where an aggressive blasting of the surface is needed. Maybe for paint preparation, deck staining, pressure washing commercial flat surfaces etc. At some point if regular cleaning is not done, then painting(restoration) may be the only guaranteed option.

roof cleaning

Before cleaning roof

roof cleaning

After cleaning roof

How We SoftWash

Call us for a free in home estimate where we will answer all of your questions. We are not the cheapest, but we are the professionals that provide the greatest value. Most companies do not use these methods.
We apply a our biodegradable GreenWash cleaning solution with an electric battery powered spray system with only a 45 psi amount of pressure – similar to pressure from garden hose.

We apply BleachWash to windows so that they don’t smear. We will also clean your exterior window sills.

We apply PlantWash to plants/shrubs in area where we are cleaning to help protect your plants.

clean siding
clean siding

Professional vs. The Other Guys

All we do is wash the outsides of buildings. It is typically your biggest asset so why not work with a company that specializes in cleaning. Many of our competitors are the part time guys that pressure wash on weekends, contractors, painters, handymen. They see this as a way to earn extra cash instead of a profession. There are also the pressure washers that just hire people and put them on the job with a 3,000 psi gun without proper training.

As a 5-Star applicator with SoftWash Systems we follow standards and procedures that no one else in the industry even comes close to:

  • provides photo ids for employees, conducts criminal and sexual predator checks, verifies workers comp and liability insurance.
  • 50 point performance standard
  • Yearly and regional training by SoftWash Systems
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Professional products and systems