Residential Cleaning Services

Vesta Wash Provides a Wide Range of Cleaning Services Including:

  • Shingle, Tile, Slate, shake or metal roofs
  • Wood, Vinyl, Stucco or Hardi sidings
  • Composites, Wood or vinyl decks and fences
  • Driveways, Sidewalks, Pavers, Porches, Pool Decks, Gutters, Awnings, Signs
  • Single Family, Townhomes, Apartments, Commercial, Churches

Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning - before & after

Roof Cleaning – do not use a pressure washer on your roof. We use a biodegradable cleaner that safely cleans your roof. Bqecause we use SoftWash Systems soaps, we are able to clean with much weaker concentrates. Other companies use too high of a concentrated cleaner and some even use a method which involves a “low pressure” rinse. What they don’t tell you is that try walk on your roof using a a machine that is attached to a pressure washer. We don’t have to walk on your roof to get amazing results, along with a 5 year limited warrant.

Stucco Cleaning

stucco cleaning

Stucco Cleaning – A similar method is used to clean stucco. The main thing is to use a softwash method that will kill the organisms beneath the surface, which causes the stains. Stucco or EIFS is easily damaged with a pressure washer, especially on the trim pieces. Sometimes the black streaks under the windows are an inorganic stain that will not clean. Similar to getting a stain on your shirt, it may lighten but may not completely clean like a vinyl siding. Regular rinsing of screens and cleaning window sills is essential.

Siding Cleaning

Clean siding

Siding Cleaning – SoftWashing works well for vinyl siding, cement siding and other painted sidings. We find that our method lasts 3 – 4 times longer than pressure washing. We are able to clean 3 – 5 stories without using scaffolding or pressure washers. We won’t damage screens, make Zoro marks on siding or get water behind the siding.

Deck Cleaning

deck cleaning

Deck Cleaning – We are able to clean composite, pvc, ipe, mahogany and treated decks without using a pressure washer. If necessary we use a deck brush to scrub the stubborn stains. If you want to stain with a transparent or semi-transparent stain then it is best to use a pressure washer and to call a professional that specializes in decks and deck maintenance for best results.

Paver Cleaning

Clean pavers

Paver Cleaning – If you use a pressure washer to clean pavers, then it is easy to blast the sand away between the joints. We use a deck brush and a light rinse. There may be some white moss left which is dead, but that will rinse off with the rain-leaving a virtually undisturbed paver bed. If you have the regular sand, call us and we can install the polymeric joint sand which reduces plant growth.

Concrete Cleaning

concrete sidewalks

Concrete Cleaning – Why is the aggregate showing though the concrete? It is from aggressively using a pressure washer to clean. Before the concrete is too dirty, Softwashing will clean by soaking into the porous surface and killing the bacterial spores beneath the surface and stay clean longer.

Slate Roof Cleaning

slate roof cleaning

Slate Roof Cleaning – When you drive around the older parts of Wilmington or Philadelphia you see slate roofs 100 years old. Slate can be brittle and easily damaged. SoftWashing by Vesta Wash will gently and safely remove the black roof stains without breaking the tiles.

Tile Roof Cleaning

tile roof cleaning

Tile Roof Cleaning – In addition to the slate roofs in our area, there is a good number of tile or clay tile roofs. These may be flat or barrel design. They are easily damaged with pressure or walking on the tiles. SoftWashing will remove moss and the black roof stains and bring them back to life.