Dryer Vent Cleaning

dirty dryer ventsVesta Wash dryer vent cleaning will:

  • Reduce excess household dust and humidity
  • Preserve clothing, as the life of many fabrics can be damaged by high temperatures
  • Allow your dryer to operate more efficiently by using less energy, saving you money

Schedule your Dryer Vent Cleaning with Vesta Wash if any of these symptoms are familiar:

  • Clothes are still damp after a drying cycle
  • Excessive heat buildup in the laundry room
  • You use your dryer often
  • Your Dryer vent has never been cleaned

There’s a Potential Fire Hazard in Every Home…the Dryer Vent!
If left unattended, the lint that becomes trapped in the exhaust vent can pose a serious fire hazard. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 dryer related fires occur each year causing millions of dollars in property loss.

prevent dryer vent firesIf it’s been awhile since you called in a professional for dryer vent cleaning please give us a call. Not only can we lessen your possibility of experiencing a dryer-related fire, but our services will make your dryer run more efficiently saving you dollars.

Vesta Wash will show up on time, our techs are professional and all have criminal background checks, We will clean the vents and area around the dryer. As an option we can remove bird nests from vents, install vent cage covers. Our foundation is customer satisfaction and professionalism. Weclean up our mess, and assure that your experience with our company will be most pleasant.

ask the seal

  • Have you had your dryer inspected recently?
  • Does your dryer take a long time to dry?
  • Do you want to avoid a house fire and lower your energy bill?

If your answer is yes click here
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Frequently Asked Questions

charred lint

Charred Lint: this was from where vent attaches to dryer.  Charred lint means a chance of fire is immediate.

How do you clean my clothes dryer vent duct?
We start by cleaning the roof/wall vent cap and making sure it is functioning properly. Then we clean the clothes dryer vent duct from inside of your laundry area. We use a high speed rotating air scrubber connected to a commercial grade air compressor to remove any lint that is attached to the vent pipe wall. Our high powered vacuum collects the lint.

How long does it take to clean my dryer vent duct?
It Usually it takes about 30 minutes to one hour to clean and inspect your clothes dryer and dryer vent system. Occasionally it may take a little longer. Every home is different and so are the laundry areas, clothes dryers and vent configurations. We will perform our service in a timely fashion and will not cut corners in order to save time while cleaning your dryer vent. Please allow us between 1 and 2 hours to complete our dryer vent cleaning and fire safety inspection.

Filled dryer vent:  We find this in almost every cleaning.  Dryer efficiency is greatly reduced.

How often do I need to get my clothes dryer vent duct cleaned & inspected?
Good question…dryer vent cleanings depend on a variety of factors. How many loads of laundry do you do per week 1, 2, 5…? The ages and number of people living in the home,do you have small children, sports aged children or just do a lot of laundry each week? How many pets/furry friends live with you and do you wash their bedding? The actual configuration of the clothes dryer vent duct system can also be a factor. Many fire safety publications recommend having your dryer and vent cleaned and inspected yearly.

Can you clean apartments and condos?
Vesta Wash is already working with multi-family and commercial properties.  Most importantly we have the proper commercial and workers comp insurance, as well as sexual predator and criminal background checks on our employees thru www.TheSeal.com

Filled dryer vent: Dryer efficiency is greatly reduced.

Soggy lint in dryer vent

SoggLint:  This line was horizontal.  The dryer exhausts moisture and it soaked the lint, creating perfect conditions for molds and mildew.

Lint in Pipe:  This was pulled from vent pipe in wall

Lint in Pipe:  This was pulled from vent pipe in wall.