Customer Rewards Program

Lyoness cashback card
Vesta Wash Cash Back Card

  • Money back on every purchase
  • Card is free — no fees
  • Earn Shopping Points on every purchase
  • Help friends get cash back
  • Refer businesses for additional rewards

Turn your expenses into income!

Vesta Wash is an official Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. Get your free card to immediately start earning cash back on roof cleaning, cedar roof, soft washing, rust removal and other services!!!
No purchase necessary to request card.

Cash back at tens of thousands of online and local merchants! With the same Lyoness Cashback Card, you get money back on gas, clothes, restaurants, home services, travel and virtually everything you already buy.

Delaware Area Merchants – Local Wilmington-area locations to use your card to receive cash back. Also listed are some of the 700+ online shopping stores to also receive cash back!

Lyoness Member Area – this will be your site to search for merchants and track your cash back.

Make money on money you already spend!

Call or email to request your card now!


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